As we announced at Black Stump 2014, this chapter of our journey has come to an end, and now, we are embarking on a new journey: going Beyond Stump.

The vision for this festival is well underway and we want you to be a part of this adventure. It’s incredibly exciting!

In brief, the festival is very likely to be known as ‘beyond’.

It’s simple, really:

We believe that God has called us to go beyond our own families, Churches and community groups; that we are called to go beyond our comfort zones; that love sees beyond race, religion, politics and social structure; that

We believe that God has called us to proclaim beyond words: a people of action, passion and perseverance.

We believe that God is raising us up as a festival of influence to help our political and social leaders see beyond the next election and beyond a mere nationalism and envision a just, compassionate and generous Australia.

We believe strongly that the breadth of God’s grace is beyond our wildest imaginations.

We believe that God has a job for us yet…and it will be beyond our ability…but not His.

We are seeking partners to join us on this journey, to help fund this new festival we need the commitment of you, our Stump Champions.

Our goal is to raise $50,000, without this money beyond will not go ahead.

  • Our current progress is 22%

As a beyond partner you will help to ensure the future of a festival that works to support a platform for a just nation and a space for grass roots, community orientated artists, sculptors, musicians and speakers to share their God-given talents.

We will give you regular updates by email on our progress and the new developments that this festival will bring. We look forward to your support and seeing you beyond in 2015.

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